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Ronnie Hairfield, Owner

Ronnie Hairfield is a recognized leader and innovator in Central Virginia’s plumbing repair services industry.  He has served the industry honorably for over 24 years.  In 1994, while a junior in high school, he began classes at Chesterfield Technical Center in Chesterfield. VA. In 1996, as a senior, he finished out the program becoming certified in plumbing and pipe fitting.  For the next 14 years, Ronnie worked full time doing new construction plumbing and pipe fitting projects. With the market crash of 2008, he began using his experience in commercial and service plumbing and pipe fitting projects. In 2016, he obtained his Virginia licensed in Master Plumber and Gas Pipe Fitting, Certification in Pipeline emergency response and awareness for excavator operations, and Associated builders and contractors’ certificate of merit through the VA chapter. Ronnie is also Trained in international fuel gas codes and fuel gas provisions of the international residential code.

Jennifer Hairfield, Owner

Jennifer Hairfield began her career at the age of 17 enlisting in the Virginia Army National Guard serving for a total of 8 years. While working full time with the National Guard, she received a position at a local college with the campus security department where she was a shift supervisor, crime prevention officer, and special events coordinator.  After 7 years, her security experience lead her to a position as a Federal Reserve Police Officer within the 5th District.  In 2014, Jennifer’s position changed to access control security specialist. In early 2016, Jennifer and Ronnie decided to take the opportunity to be their own employers. With both of their skill sets, they believed they could make the “American Dream” come true, leading them to the founding of RLH Plumbing Service.


Jennifer and Ronnie Hairfield met in 1997 through mutual friends. They married in 2000. After 7 years of bliss, they gave birth to their eldest son Ryan. Their second son, Ryder, was welcomed into the family in 2010. In 2014, Reid was the last and final Hairfield son to enter the world.

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Michael James joined RLH Plumbing Service LLC as a Plumbing Apprentice in the Fall of 2019.  He realized his talent, knowledge, and skills will be useful in leading him to a long term career path in the Plumbing Industry. He plans to enroll in Richmond's Technical Center (Pending the Re-Opening Schedule due to Covid-19 Closings) to continue his plumbing career as a Journeyman.

He is a multi-talented musician who sings and plays guitar and bass. He has played in many local bands including a metal band.


1 Year Experience

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Mike Etter

Master Pluming Technician

As a Master Plumbing Technician, Mike has the necessary qualifications, training, experience and knowledge to plan, layout, and install/repair plumbing apparatus and equipment.  He is also responsible for the supervision of the RLH Plumbing Service LLC Plumbing Technicians and Plumbing Apprentices.

Mike has approximately 20 years of experience in the plumbing business, and has been a Master Plumber for 6 of those years. 

In his spare time he enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

20 + Years Experience

6 Years Certified/Licensed Master Plumber

Michael James

Pluming Apprentice



Ryan Hairfield

Ryder Hairfield

Reid Hairfield

RLH Plumbing Service LLC's HR Department consists of 3 adult sized children. They take pride in "Always taking care of the dirty stuff!"


Bruce Hairfield

Our Complaints Department is headed by Bruce Hairfield. He's a great listener, especially when fed his favorite treats of rotisserie chicken. He may lack advice in words, but receives an "A for Effort"

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