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Pipes can face a lot of problems, but all of them can be solved within reason. And, if it comes to excavation and sewer replacement, you can count on us to provide you with the quality work and flexible financing you need. 

Proper maintenance of pipes and sewer lines is important. Your property has one major line running beneath it that connects to the city’s line off of your property, and if something should happen within your property line, it’s your responsibility to pay for the sewer line repair.

Services related to your sewer system:

  • Broken pipe repair

  • Corrosion repair

  • Blockage removal

  • Bellied Pipe Replacement

  • Root removal

Sewer maintenance, sewer repair, and sewer replacement are tasks that call for experienced and licensed hands.

Invest in RLH Plumbing Service for all your needs, and we’ll go above and beyond for you on ever job! 

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